Mass Effect: 3 место в списке лучших игр E3 2007 по версии GameSpy

Mass Effect
Один за другим крупнейшие игровые сайты публикуют свои отзывы о прошедшей выставке E3 2007 и о играх, который были на ней показаны. Вот и крупный ресурс GameSpy опубликовал свой список лучших игр выставки:
  1. BioShock (PC, Xbox 360);
  2. Fallout 3 (PC, Xbox 360);
  3. Mass Effect (Xbox 360);
  4. Rock Band (Xbox 360, PS3);
  5. LittleBigPlanet (PS3);
  6. Halo 3 (Xbox 360);
  7. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC, Xbox 360, PS3);
  8. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (NDS);
  9. Crysis (PC);
  10. Clive Barker's Jericho (Xbox 360, PS3, PC).
Заранее любимый нами Mass Effect занял третье место с чем мы и поздравляем BioWare. Точно так же распределилсь первые четыре места в списке лучше игр для Xbox 360. Более подробно ознакомится со статьёй можно здесь - The Annual E3 Awards: 2007. Ниже вы можете прочесть отзыв о Mass Effect.
Mass Effect - Best of Show Runner-up

3. Mass Effect (360)

The latest project from the master storytellers at BioWare, Mass Effect has been hotly anticipated since it was first announced. Set in a home-brewed universe, the game utilizes a shooter interface that frames tactical squad-based combat, plenty of options to customize your character, vehicular exploration in space and on land, and dramatic moments like no other company can deliver. Mass Effect is also one of the best-looking games we've seen, a key feature since its new dialogue system will rely on incredible performances from its virtual actors.

Playing as a customizable Commander Shepard, Mass Effect takes you through this elite agent's chase after a fellow agent (or Specter) gone rogue, the alien Saren. Over the course of your chase, you'll begin to uncover a threat not just to humanity, but to all life in the galaxy. The game is the first of a trilogy, and BioWare has plans for episodic content between games as well. So we're not just excited to see BioWare return to science fiction with an RPG, but also to see the company committed to handling an entire trilogy. All of these things helped Mass Effect ascend to the lofty spot of our third most-wanted game of E3 2007.

Joynt: For BioWare to sell me on Mass Effect, there was one simple promise that I needed proof of delivery on. After this year's E3, I'm sold. I was already interested -- the game was the only title I actually saw for fun at last year's E3. From the Baldur's Gate series to Knights of the Old Republic, BioWare has a history of making games that have me playing until I fall asleep and then waking up early to play more.

So there was a lot more than just this promise that I was looking forward to, sure. Seeing how much of this vast galaxy to explore BioWare can actually deliver should be awesome. Combining careful squad command with deliberate conversational choices followed by another play-through where my squad is only so much bait and I end every conversation with a gun-backed threat should offer as diverse a set of experiences as any BioWare title. Being able to tinker six ways to Sunday with Shepard's customization won't hurt, either.

But at this year's E3, without spoiling anything, it was proven that Mass Effect will deliver the same level of emotional engagement as the best of BioWare's previous work. And through the same tool, meaningful player choices. Not just "what weapon do I pick" or "what class do I take," but decisions that leave the entire galaxy changed and -- more importantly -- you, the player, changed. Scenes that stay with you for years, choices that truly engage you and invest you in your character, are what have made BioWare games the best. And even if this whole "mass effect" power sounds an awful lot like the Force, knowing that BioWare will deliver on its promise has me incredibly excited to delve into Mass Effect.

Gabe: As was the case for Patrick, Mass Effect was one of the few 360 games at last year's E3 that I actually went out of my way to see. After this latest demo, I have to say that it looks like BioWare is completely living up to the hype that surrounds the game.

While the graphics are super dope and the classic RPG equipment and character customization options are brilliantly streamlined, the biggest draw for Mass Effect is the kind of storytelling that reaches into your chest and pulls out your heart to tug at your most guarded emotions. The BBC's Sister Wendy Beckett once said that "great art tells you more about yourself than it does about the artist," and in that regard Mass Effect stands head and shoulders above every other game I saw at E3.

Gerald: In my ideal world, every RPG would be developed by genetically engineered clones of the team at BioWare. Checking out Mass Effect first-hand reaffirmed my reverence for the undisputed masters of role-playing. You can inspect the screenshots and watch the videos to see the incredible production values and sublime art direction. But the real draw that Mass Effect has for me is that the game asks the important questions. What is the nature of man? How will you react when faced with a moral dilemma that can shake the very foundation of the universe? It's these kinds of choices that can end up furthering the state of mature storytelling in interactive entertainment. BioWare will be raising the bar for the industry this November, and I can't wait to be there when it happens.

John 'Warrior' Keefer, Editor-in-Chief: Any game stamped with BioWare's name is almost guaranteed to have an in-depth, complex story, with so many twists and turns that the player has to play the game at least 10 times to check out every nook and cranny. Last's year's E3 piqued my curiosity, and this year's showing just heightened the anticipation. The demo offered one of those story twists that made me twitch with the kind of "I want to play this game now" anticipation that I haven't had for an RPG since Knights of the Old Republic. Add to the story the usual array (for BioWare anyway) of smooth interface and stunning graphics, and this game is a mega-hit waiting to happen. It can't hit shelves fast enough for me. If I could only get them to commit to the PC release date...