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Interview with Brandon Keener

BRC: Hello Brandon! We'd like to once again thank you for agreeing to answer our questions.
Brandon: Hello Ekaterina and the Russian Bioware community! Thank you for your interest and support. I am enjoying a low-key holiday with my family, and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.
BRC: Not surprisingly, our community is most of all interested in your cooperation with BioWare and your work on voice of Garrus. Was it hard for you to play a character of alien origin as compared to playing a regular human character?
Brandon: I never considered Garrus to be an alien, actually. I tried to play the truth of each situation. As created by the inspired Bioware writers, he is formal and specific in his speech; I tried to be faithful to that vision by speaking in a measured way.
BRC: Were there any particular moments in the scenes you’ve voiced, that stayed in you memory?
Brandon: Of course the classic line about "reach and flexibility" always gets quoted, for good reason: great dialogue! The final farewell scene with Shepard stands out in my mind as an especially memorable session.
BRC: In Mass Effect you’ve done a brilliant job of creating a strong-willed, brave alien warrior. Could you please tell us, with whom of the real-world persons would you compare Garrus Vakarian, (either from present day or from the past)?
Brandon: I consider him a kick-ass Mr. Spock with a sniper rifle.
BRC: And now we’d like to ask a question not Brandon Keener, but Garrus Vakarian. “Dear Garrus, we heard you know a man named Brandon Keener. What do you think about him? Would you join him on his journey wherever he goes - just as you did with Commander Shepard?”
Brandon: If Garrus would be willing to babysit my children while I go to the movies, it would be one of his most valiant endeavors.
BRC: What do you like to do besides work? Do you have any hobbies?
Brandon: I spend most of my free time with my family, watching and playing basketball, reading (mostly biographies) and did I mention hanging out with my kids?
BRC: How do you think, are we alone in the Universe? What concept of aliens do you find most truthful - be that a book, a movie or a videogame?
Brandon: There was a mass sighting in 1966 in the hometown where I grew up, so I heard many stories as a child. Many people in Fort Smith, AR swear they encountered flying objects which defied the laws of physics, and some of their descriptions of encounters affected me, as a child, more vividly than any movie or TV show. My son, however, is very impressed with E.T. and got an E.T. doll for Christmas.
BRC: By the way, what is your favorite movie? And your favorite book?
Brandon: I'm a big fan of everything Martin Scorcese directs. And I go through biographies of all kinds.
BRC: What do you like more - to act in a movie or to do a voice-over?
Brandon: I started as a stage actor, and voice acting was a pleasant surprise. I enjoy both but seem to get more opportunities in film and TV.
BRC: Brandon, you’ve got two great sons. What kind of persons would you like them to be when they grow up? What do you teach them?
Brandon: Kindness and respect for others are the most important qualities my wife and I hope to teach our kids.
BRC: Tell us please of your artistic plans. Are you working on anything right now? And is there a chance to hear your voice in future BioWare games once again?
Brandon: In the last few months I've had some success in the comedy/sitcom world, which I really enjoy. I shot a funny commercial about holiday shopping which aired on U.S. Television a lot over the holiday, so that was fun for my relatives. I have a role in a thriller shooting in January, so I'll keep you posted as details are available on that one!
BRC: Thanks for your time! If you’d like to leave a message for your Russian fans or maybe ask them a question, we’ll be happy to convey it!
Brandon: Can't thank you and the Russian Bioware Community enough for the support.
  1. Are most if you near each other or do you know each other mainly online?
  2. If I were able to travel in Russia one day, where would you recommend that I go first?
Happy holidays and thanks again!