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NeverWinter Nights 2: Патч 1.11

Obsidian выпустила патч 1.11 к NeverWinter Nights 2, который исправляет очередную пачку багов и глюков. Список изменений можно прочесть нажав на ссылку "Читать дальше". Компания Акелла о сроках выхода русской версии патча не сообщает.Скачать патч можно здесь - Патч 1.11 для NeverWinter Nights 2
Bug Fixes in 1.11General
  • Stealth was previously not functioning properly. It is now functioning as designed.
  • Opening the Game Options window will no longer reset the camera focus of Strategy Mode.
  • The Dwarven Defender’s Defensive Stance should now function properly.
  • An exploit was fixed that allowed players to increase their CON by unequipping and re-equipping items.
  • A message will now be displayed if a character cannot equip an item due to being Frightened.
  • The “Enable Buy/Sell Confirmation” option will now properly retain its state when you exit the game.
  • Duergar are now properly ECL +1 rather than ECL +2.
Mask of the Betrayer Fixes (WARNING: Spoilers)
  • The Spirit Eater abilities Supress, Gorge and Ravenous Incarnation will no longer alter the PC's alignment.
  • The Lobby Level-up conversation will no longer lock out other players from leveling up.
  • Some animation issues with the Faceless Man have been addressed.
  • Okku will now properly speak in several situations where he was not previously.
  • Several of Okku’s animations have been fixed to prevent graphical glitches that were occurring.
  • Okku’s Paw weapon will now always upgrade properly as he gains levels.
  • Okku now gains Regeneration at the Devoted Influence level.
  • Party members should now always be properly restored when returning from dream states.
  • The Death Knight’s Abyssal Blast ability will now cause only one Reflex save.
  • You can no longer use Provoke Spirit on the Priest in the Death God’s Vault – doing this would cause you to not be able to access the furnace.
  • The dialogue between Magda and Gann in the Veil Theater will now only occur if Gann is in the party.
  • The conversation with Shelvedar will no longer drop if the player is female.
  • Animal Companions will no longer break events in the Ice Troll Lodge.
  • Occasionally, Spirit Energy would not be properly deducted when travelling from Mulsantir to Ashenwood and vice-versa. This has been fixed.
  • The Sealed Passage in the Middle Barrow is no longer referred to as sealed once it has been opened.
  • The Silver Sword ability Infinite Resonance will now function properly.
  • Casting 0-level spells onto the Silver Sword will now properly add charges.
  • Safiya will now properly grant Improved Empower Spell at Loyal and Devoted levels of Influence.
  • The player can no longer encounter a progression break when using Soul Housing No. 184 to free Ammon Jerro before completing the Conflicted quest.
  • The Spirit Energy meter will no longer remain after defeating the Faceless Man.

Several crashes have been addressed in the Creature Appearance Wizard.DM ClientOn the DM's Context menu, if you are controlling the DM avatar the non-DM heal skill will not show up. If you possess another creature, the non-DM heal skill will show up.ScriptingEffectDeath() now has a new parameter that will make it so that any visual effects on the creature aren't purged (With the exception of mobility imparing effects, like stun, paralysis, etc).Spells
  • Enervate will always display its visual effect properly and will now only roll one ranged touch attack.
  • Lionheart can now be scribed to a scroll.
  • Extract Water Elemental can now be scribed to a scroll.
  • Many spells which previously were not able to be used to craft wands now work.
Changed 2DAs:For NWN2-ONLY Builders:
  • des_crft_scroll.2da
  • des_crft_spells.2da
  • keymap.2da
  • placeables.2da
  • racialsubtypes.2da
  • trees.2da
For MoTB Builders:
  • baseitems.2da
  • des_crft_scroll.2da
  • des_crft_spells.2da
  • domains.2da
  • itemprops.2da
  • keymap.2da
  • placeables.2da
  • racialsubtypes.2da
  • spells.2da
  • vfx_persistent.2da
  • visualeffects.2da
Note: The TLK file has also been updated.